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New Year’s Eve in Sorrento: from toasts to fireworks

The most popular question from November onwards and which is becoming more and incessant in these last days of December is: What are you doing at New Year’s? New Year is an unavoidable moment of the year, there are those who love it and there are those who hate it, there are those who bravely […]

Things to do at Christmas in Sorrento: tips from the Seven Hostel

As we told you a few days ago here, despite what you can imagine, Sorrento does not close in winter. Yes, we probably don’t dive in sea ​​(although some daredevils at the Meta beach you will always find it) but we continue to live in our city. What do you do at Christmas in Sorrento? […]

“M’illumino d’inverno”: ideas for Christmas in Sorrento

Who said that Sorrento is just a summer city? Didn’t you think that at the end of September the mayor of Sorrento would lock up the city and then reopen it with the arrival of spring? 🙂 Sorrento and its surroundings are to be discovered in all seasons and among other things, drum rolls, we […]